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1st August 2008

What a truly amazing day!

The weather was kind to us throughout, with enough sunshine to lighten the heart and enough gentle breeze to keep us all comfortable.  The Champagne lasted right through to the end of the evening, and the food from Hand Made Food was every bit as wonderful when cooked in large quantities as it had been when we sampled it earlier in the year when choosing the menu.

Gill and I had chosen the readings and the details of the ceremony with great care, but even we were unprepared for it to be the moving and heartwarming experience that emerged. It was a magical interlude in a day that was full of joy, laughter, family and friendship.

We went away on a fortnight's honeymoon to Turkey's Lycian coast and had the sort of sunshine that the UK's been missing for years! I've now posted a selection of photos from 1st August that everyone can access here

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